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reading …

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Recently I bought a series of very first reading from Usborne, I think the series of books seems interesting than the series of Peter and Jane. The books comes with some activities after each story, which is quite fun for kids.

We started the book 1, Pirate Pat. The gal very excited wants to try out the worksheet after the story finished. There is a picture of the dog and two words, Sam and Sad for the kids to choose which the correct word of the picture is.

The gal asked the boy, ‘kx kx… (point to the picture) dog is D or M?” she is referring to the last character of each word since the first two characters are same.

Immediately the boy answered her, “dog is D, D-O-G dog!!




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Over the weekend, the hubs thought of buying 2 or 3 slice of cakes as supper from a bakery nearby the place we are dining at. So we went there after dinner and the kids are really happy inside the bakery shop.

The gal hearts the slice of chocolate cake but it was being bought by other before we place our order, it was the last piece. She was upset but quickly changes her mind to the 500gram chocolate cake ……

But, the boy pula hearts this ‘white’ strawberry cake and insisted to buy this ……

After the hubs nego with both of them, at last we bought these!!!!!

At home, the gal happily sing ‘selamat hari jadi, selamat hari jadi, selamat hari jadi” while the boy sing ‘happy birthday to Yong McQueen Dinosaur, happy birthday to Yong McQueen Dinosaur, happy birthday to you‘ :S

The boy changed his name again from Yong Super Hero to Yong McQueen Dinosaur, which is refer to the Dinoco in the Car’s cartoon.


my boy…

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The boy really knows how to steal my heart.

That day while we are on the way back home from dinner, the boy keep complain that he is hungry. Actually he been making noise want to eat McD since morning, so I thought he might be still remember of the McD. Then I purposely ask him, so what you want to eat since you are so hungry??

He thought for a while and said, “我要吃妈咪做的蛋糕” (I want to eat the cake baked by mummy).

WOW …… his words make me feel like want to bake him a cake immediately!!! LOL


shopping at Uniqlo

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I was not feeling yesterday, but I still drag myself up to go Uniqlo. The queue was not so long and those with kids got priority to enter first. After got the confirmation from cashier that voucher can be used for promotional item too, immediately I grab a basket to start filling it!!! I used up all the 16 voucher (RM20 each) and pay only RM167.10 for 10 plain color T-shirts, 4 pair of socks, 2 jeans, 2 T for myself and 1 fleece jacket. This is even cheaper than shopping at a night market!!! I regret of not printing out all the vouchers I have! I think around 30 vouchers, I think!

Soon after we finish the shopping, I feel sick again! Most probably due to the excitement has gone. :) While waiting for the hubs to buy lunch at a chicken rice restaurant, I spot a news about the Depuy recall which involved of 93000 cases!!!! Wow, that is a huge amount!!!! I am glad that I am healthy and the unwell I am experience is only a small matter compare to the hip replacement patients.

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another attempt for the bun

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Since the kids don’t like the bun in pink, so I bake the bun with same recipe again. This time, I use plain water instead of milk as I scare later the bun might have the milky smell. Besides that i also top up all the ingredients with additional 50% as the egg I am using is about 50g which is more than the 30g stated in the recipe. Well, the bun turns out so well and we all love it.

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ibooks not working

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There is something wrong to my iPhone. The ibooks is not working on the phone no matter how many times I remove it and reinstall, re-sync it!! Sigh…. I hate to flash the ios, and also the jailbreak!!! But look like I have to do it to check if the ibooks working after the ios reflash!

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my work

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One day, the boy wants me to color the coloring sheet for him. I then try to pursue him to let jie jie help him and said, I have to work or else I have no money to buy him toys and bring him kai kai. Then the gal very smart too and said after me, ya la, mummy like to work and I like to color. :S

For them, my work means when I am using my laptop, regardless what I am doing with it. As long as I am with the laptop, means I am working.

The funny part is, I heard the boy said, mummy will have a lot of money after working a?? Wow, as thought I am sitting there buy gold bars everyday!!! :S

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Last Sunday was the school annual concert. The gal had an Indian dance performance, “Rani in the field”. I believe it was the happiest day of her, as she can apply the makeup officially and finally (of course for the concert only). I apply light make up for her, but the teacher reapply it with super pink cheek and super red lips!

When the boy saw her in such makeup, he said : eeeee……… monster ……. Jie Jie is monster!
………  and he rejected to go near to her!


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