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An M8.8 earthquake follow by tsunami attacked Japan coast about 4 months before our trip there, then follow by the nuclear plant crisis. I was so worried if we have to cancel our trip because of the risk of radioactive. Anyway, we decided to go ahead with out holiday but did some changes to the destination, from Tokyo vicinity to Hokkaido.

Because of this crisis, I did read a lot about the travel insurance. I even read through the policy wording from a few insurance companies. I want to know in detail about the insurance coverage, especially when there is earthquake, tsunami, radioactive or anything else which could happen anytime. Be frank, I never really look into the insurance coverage before this crisis, but only check out the coverage of flight delay, lost of baggage and baggage delay which always happen during a holiday.

Anyway, now I learn something new and I am glad that I found a cheap travel insurance which I am satisfied to the coverage they offered. I even request to change the date of travel after I decided to extend the trip for another 2 days longer. The process of extension is fast and easy. I am a happy customer of them.

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