sick season & Colloidal Silver
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sick season & Colloidal Silver

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It seems like the flu and fever bugs are spreading…. I heard a few of my friends are down with fever and flu, both the adult and kiddos. No joke. As a parent, the best we can do to get our kids off from the bugs is improve their immune system so that their body can fight for the bugs instead of depends on the antibiotic.

As far from what I know, besides the cod liver oil, there is colloidal silver which is work wonderfully to improve the immune system and help to fight the flu bugs. We all know that, blocking nose is torture and it is one of the symptoms of flu. Besides that, colloidal silver is also one of the best dietary mineral supplement which is good to improve the skin condition. Did I tell you that my sos to a fairer and smooth skin is apply the colloidal silver mask? :)

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